Nortons Key Worker Discount

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Nortons Digbeth launches their exclusive Key Worker and Trade discount card.

Offering up to 20% off, the Nortons Black Card is available to all teachers, nurses and those in public services, as well as hospitality staff.

Nortons Digbeth is launching a key worker and trade discount card offering customers up to 20% off on trade nights, and 10% off all week long.

The “Nortons Black Card” is launching on Thursday 21st July, at an event titled “The Big Teacher Night Out” - a free event open to all customers, coinciding with the day most teachers will finish their summer term.

Nortons Digbeth is an independent bar and live music venue in the Irish Quarter. Boasting a 500 capacity “back room”, there are always live bands and music throughout the week, and since opening in December 2019 Nortons has weathered the Covid storm.

Customers can apply for the Nortons Black Card at the bar and only need to provide proof of their occupation with an ID card, payslip or organisation email address.

Owner Peter Connolly said “At a time when wage increases aren’t matching inflation it’s important to look after your customers. A lot of our regulars are teachers and nurses, my mother is a teacher, my father was a nurse, this is the least we can do as a pub for hard working customers who aren’t seeing a real-terms pay rise this year”
“As a “Living Wage Foundation” employer, we continue to do our bit by ensuring all staff, regardless of age or experience, earn a decent wage for a decent day’s work. All team members and contractors employed through Nortons earn at least £10 an hour, which is above the government living wage, and the wage set by The Living Wage Foundation.”

When asked whether other sectors would be allowed to apply for a discount, Peter said, “Of course, we offer solidarity to all workers in the UK who aren’t seeing a meaningful rise in pay, but for now this discount is for our public sector workers, and our comrades in hospitality who will be working hard through an absolute scorcher of a summer. Sláinte Babs!”

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